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1-2-1 Psychic Development

Please note this booking is for the first session only, additional sessions will be booked directly.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 390 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Why do I need this course and what will I achieve? Practising personal energy Magick, makes you the best version of yourself and that impacts on everything around you in such a positive way. I will teach you how to quieten down the left brain and switch to the right brain. This is where we access our Psychic Gifts. When you work with a Psychic teacher it expands your gift. I expand my energy field in order to stretch and develop yours. What took me years of learning, trial and error. I have condensed into 3 modules. You are being fast tracked with all the right foundational skills to jump into your own unique spiritual journey. This course is your launch pad to greater self-awareness. You will leave with positive skills to manage and maintain your energy and to develop your psychic skills. You will be able to read other people and situations and trust your judgment. This course is suitable for people who realize they have a gift and are on their path to “open up” their abilities and to see where their strengths lie. I can also tailor these sessions for clients who have previous experience and want to expand their gift under guidance. I have created 3 modules to give an excellent foundation in any psychic work you will do. Learning how to develop this amazing gift is truly a golden key to a new world. ——————— Please note this booking will be for the first session only, additional sessions will be booked directly with Pixie. This course will consists of: 2 x 1hr 30mins part 1&2 module 1 with homework tasks. 2x 1 hr 45 min modules 2 & 3 with homework tasks. All lessons are backed up with a pdf & a recording. In each session - We will cover the subject in an easy-to-digest fashion. So much esoteric teaching is over complicated. We will carry out exercises to develop your psychic muscle. I will take you on a Shamanic drum journey.

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