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Psychic foundation course 3 x 2hr slots

Please note this booking is for the first session only. Message me to discuss before booking.

  • 2 hr
  • 455 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Why do I need this course and what will I achieve? Everyone has a psychic ability. It’s a superhuman power unused by the majority of people. Many of my past students have had a nagging knowing that they had a gift but no idea hoe to use it effectively. I will teach you how to develop and use this amazing superpower. I will teach you how to quieten down the left logic brain and switch to the right creative brain, this is where we access our Psychic Gifts. When you work with a Psychic teacher it expands your gift. I expand my energy field in order to stretch and develop yours. I open up the pathways for you, What took me years of learning, trial and error. I have condensed into 3 modules. You are being fast tracked with all the right foundational skills to jump into your own unique spiritual journey. This course is your launch pad to greater self-awareness. You will leave with positive skills to manage and maintain your energy and to develop your psychic skills. You will be able to read other people and situations and trust your judgment. If you are an Empath this course will teach you how to manage your gift. This course is suitable for complete beginners who realise they have a gift and are on their path to “open up” their abilities. I have created 3 modules to give an excellent foundation for you to open up your psychic practice and help you navigate life in a more grounded fashion. You will gain better awareness of yourself ad learn how to manage your gift. Learning how to develop this amazing gift is truly a golden key to a new world. There are follow on modules which can be taken individually for you to continue your journey. ——————— Please note this booking is for the whole course, you will pick your date to start session 1 only. The next 2 session will be booked in after you complete session 1 directly with Pixie. Please message her if you have any questions. This course will consists of: 3 x 2 hr 1 to 1 sessions with live exercises a drum journey and homework tasks. All lessons are backed up with a pdf & a recording. Session 1 - Grounding and Protecting your energy field. Session 2 - Chakras - how to balance and maintain your Chakra system. Session 3 - Clairs - Discovering how to develop your Clair senses. We will cover each subject in an easy-to-digest fashion. So much esoteric teaching is over complicated. I make these lessons interactive and fun.

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