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Having lost my father unexpectedly, I found myself sitting with Pixie - I don’t know exactly what I thought might take place but I certainly was not expecting to discuss my life in general or more specifically, my approach to it. I very quickly realised that this was not simply a reading, but rather an important pivot point.
And so, when day-to-day life took a darker turn, I thought back to that hour and as the weeks went by, I decided to seek Pixie out. I couldn’t find her details anywhere and the place where I had met her was closed, and then, reaching into a seldom used bag, I pulled out a pile of papers and out popped Pixies card - a very apt moment I thought!
We made an appointment and from the comfort of my car, over Zoom, I once again found myself engaged in a reading that morphed into a profound understanding of the situation I was in and more importantly for me, how I had come to be there and how I might work through the situation positively (if I played my cards right - pardon the pun)! And herein lies the truth. Pixie combines insight, understanding and guidance in perfect harmony and for me, this is Pixie’s gift, which is why I consult her regularly and trust her implicitly.

James C - Home Counties

Pixie is an excellent and accurate reader who gives the medicine/direction you need to heal and empower yourself.

Omar - London

I highly recommend Pixie Bright, she is one of the best tarot card readers I have ever had a reading from. She is very kind and considerate and knows how to deliver your reading with accuracy and is very professional. You won't be disappointed she leaves you feeling informed and refreshed.

Jenny - Uk

When I think about what Pixie does for me it’s very much a case of ‘what did the Romans do for us’. Life is full of challenges , joy and pain and is rarely predictable. No matter where you are in life there’s always room for improvement and opportunities to be a better you in every situation. My sessions with Pixie are incredibly insightful. We’re always able to hone in on the issues that matter most and Pixie is gifted in framing the questions I need to ask, reading the cards and how they relate, and, most importantly, delivering the most insightful guidance. So if it’s support around decision-making in work, relationships, or your lifestyle and you need a safe space with a wonderfully kind person to explore those areas then start with Pixie. You’ll leave with a fresh perspective on those issues that matter, an action plan and an enhanced understanding of life.

Ossie - London

I am not one to readily write a review; however, working with Pixie Carney as my Psychic Advisor and Shamanic healer has been an amazing journey.
Pixie’s insight on life’s crossroads has given me such comfort, confirmation to embrace my situations and circumstances with confidence.
Pixie’s clarity on what is and what is not serving me, empowering and allowing me to finally have the tools and a positive attitude to move forward with deeper emotional intelligence.
Pixie’s work is empowering.
Pixie is an amazing psychic and healer. She really cares about her clients wellbeing. She is a caring mentor whose work motivates me towards healthier, timely decisions.
Pixie is observant, reads people in your life and the situations really well.
Her sincerity of wanting to serve others is the real deal.

Stephan - Miami Beach USA

I have had regular tarot readings with Pixie over several years. I have been amazed by her insight and the relevance of her advice. I can highly recommend her professionalism and ability.

Karen C. Surrey

Pixie's readings for me have always been insightful and uplifting. She has great energy and tunes into situations and to people with ease. She has a true passion for what she does which really comes through. I would definitely recommend a reading, healing or meditation with her

Micheal - London

Pixie is an extraordinary reader. Her insight and supportive presence work wonders. Pixie will give it to you straight if she needs to - and yet you always come out of a session feeling uplifted and guided. She's a real gem and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a super warm, reliable and supportive tarot reader. Xxx

J.N - Surrey

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