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Shamanic Drum Healing

A guided personal Drum Journey to visit your Spirit team.

  • 1 h
  • 130 British pounds
  • Zoom - Online

Service Description

A guided personal Drum Journey to visit your Spirit team for direction & deep healing. The drum is the Shaman's horse. A vehicle to take the client into astral dimensions. This personal guided Drum journey is a chance for you to get direct guidance from your Spirit team. Yes, we all have a Spirit team whether we know them or not. They really know what's best for us & give us advice that is for our greater good. Having the chance to visit and communicate with them is a unique experience. Clients have amazing transformative guidance in these sessions. Questions are answered and new positive directions to follow are presented. I take my drums to many sacred sites to charge with a magickal energy. They have travelled far, as you will in the journey. This is prescriptive healing. Tailored to your personal needs and is highly effective. It's very different to listening to a generic journey on you tube. Why would I need a Shamanic Drum Healing? Are you searching for guidance ? Are you lacking motivation & direction filled with great ideas but can't put them into practice? Are you searching for answers on your Spiritual path ? Are you searching to understand who your guides are ? Are you Searching to connect with your power animal ? Are you searching for the meaning of your soul's life purpose ? Are you searching for an understanding of a past life ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a Shamainc Drum Journey. Drum Healing session content- We start with a consultation to assess the questions you need answered. I then take you on a relaxation meditation. This puts you in the right meditation Alpha state to receive. I use the Shamanic Drum, rattle, shacapa and various crystals. I channel the whole session, communicating with my Guides to your Spirit team. These journeys are not planned in advance and are always unique. I don't even know in advance where we are going until Iam instructed by Spirit. I speak and prompt you throughout the session to take you to where you need to go. You then have some private time, where I hold the space with the drum whilst you talk to your Spirit team. We have a debrief session at the end. How much you wish to share is completely up to you. I am the facilitator for your guides to communicate with you.

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