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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

A Soul retrieval is a deep meditative drum journey of deep healing.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 170 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Soul loss is when pieces of our Soul that cannot cope, simply detach itself to avoid the pain or shock of a traumatic event we are experiencing at that time. Many people have had an experience in their lives where this can occur. Some soul loss can be generational. We can carry trauma down the family line. This affects all future generations on some level. A Soul retrieval is a deep meditative drum journey of healing. Why do I need a Shamanic Soul Retrieval ? You have been in a traumatic or frightening event. You suffered abuse as a child or as an adult & feel something huge but undefinable is missing from your life. You have suffered constant grief after the passing of a loved one, person or pet and can't start again. You have a difficult time staying present and feel detached from life. You feel emotionless and empty. You suffer from bouts of depression. You are often sick & rundown for no apparent reason You had a major illness as a child You have had major surgery. You have generational wounding, such as famine, genocide or slavery. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a Shamanic Soul Retrieval . Once we are whole again we function with much more purpose, happiness. Session Content We start with a consultation to see what major events have happened to you. If you would rather not share the details of the trauma this is ok. Example: I had a major trauma aged 7. This is enough for me to be able to search successfully. We work with Jaguar Medicine, her name is Sister Otorongo. The Black Jaguar is very powerful and a great protector. Jaguar Medicine gives us great courage, compassion and the ability to face our fears. Jaguar Medicine gives us the gift of Stillness and focus like jaguars, people can move wisely to a place of instantaneous action. These are essential qualities for the work we will do in this session. I use my Shamanic drum to take us on a journey. We go to the forest, where we meet Sister Otorongo. She leads us as we enter your underworld. She is our protector and guide. Together, we guide you to your lost soul fragments, using the Jaguars amazing sense of smell and night vision. I like to empower my clients to collect their own Soul pieces. Once collected, we exit and return to the Forest. I then blow the pieces back into your energy field where they can be reabsorbed into your Soul, making it whole again. The session ends with a debrief to discuss your experience. I then ground you back and close spaces.

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