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Sekhmet Circle for Healing and Transformation Live at the College of Psychic Studies London 9-6-24

Updated: Apr 28

I am honoured to be holding my 4th Sekhmet Circle at the College of Psychic Studies on Sunday 9th June 11am to 5pm .

I have received rave reviews on the powerful shifts people have experienced who have attended.

The last ceremony in February was very powerful.

The more Goddess Sekhmet comes to the College the stronger the energy stream is.

She has opened up Her own Portal there. This makes it even easier for me to Channel Sekhmet’s power.

I channel Sekhmet’s energy and have a unique relationship with the Goddess after being initiated by Her in Karnak in 2018.

I returned August 23 and spent 2 hours in private time in Her chamber before dawn

Receiving new codes and powering up with Her energy to be able to share with people at this time of the planets ascension and full leap into the age of Aquarius.

The planetary energy has greatly increased as this year has unfolded and our rise to a more elevated state of consciousness is well on track.

This is why it’s so important to do this work now.

You can really take advantage of the new energy if your blocks are removed.

Your vibration is higher and you can absorb more easily.

I explain more about this in the ceremony.

Please check the link below and book your place.

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