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Soul loss Retrieval Ceremony - Black Jaguar Medicine Sister Otorongo 🖤 at the College of Psychic Studies London in person 1pm - 5 pm - on 14/4/24

I am so excited to bring Sister Otorongo to the College of Psychic Studies.

She is the Black Jaguar from the South American pantheon.

I met Her many years ago on my shamanic training journey in the Amazon.

She is the ruler of the Underworld and helps us face our fear.

I work with Her deep dark energy ro enter your Underworld.

She retrieves the parts of you missing Souls.

We have all suffered some form of Soul loss at some stage. This can be caused by a variety of situations. Here are a few examples -

  • general anaesthetic

  • Trauma

  • Serious Accidents

  • Serious illness

  • Generational wounding/ trauma passed down the family line.

Pieces of our Soul literally detach themselves in times of immense stress.

These fragments take refuge in our underworld.

To be fully in our power we need all the parts of our Soul intact.

We must recall our Soul fragments to move beyond fear into self realisation.

Sister Otorongo is the mistress of the dark using her stealth and strength to navigate Us.

Jaguar Medicine as it’s called in South America gives us the ability to face our fear and replace these emotions with courage and compassion.

You will leave the ceremony with the new power of a fully integrated Soul.

So Much Love

Pixie 🖤

Please join us in this circle of deep Soul healing.

Book your place through this link -

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